We found that the drugs we had enjoyed using, that had helped us get by, had taken control of us.  In moments of clarity we realized that we needed to stop, but we could not.  Here we have found a way and today we are free to enjoy life more than ever.

Few, if any, of us became a member, stopped using and lost the desire to use without attending recovery meetings regularly.  It is that simple. “The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.” The new member reminds long-time members of the consequences that hound addicts who continue to use. And, those with recovery offer hope to new members, when they honestly share that they were once enslaved by addiction and found freedom in the fellowship and through the process of taking the Twelve Steps to recovery.

To begin the process get yourself to a meeting, call the Hot Line number 1-800-317-3222 to talk to a recovering addict. Our Hot Line is the front door to recovery. Give yourself a break and try a new way to live.


To introduce visitors to the principals of Narcotics Anonymous, and as a reminder to members, most meetings in the Free State Region begin with members reading selections from IP #1, “Who, What, How, and Why”.

Click the image to read it.  Reprinted from the White Booklet, “Narcotics Anonymous”, NA Fellowship-approved literature,  Copyright © 1976, 1986 by Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc.   All rights reserved.


Click the Free State logo to the left to go to members area.  That is where members will find documents that they may want. – Geographically, the Free State Region of Narcotics Anonymous includes all of Baltimore, all of Eastern and Northern Maryland, all of Delaware, and the northernmost tip of Virginia’s eastern shore. Our Region consists of 10 unified Areas containing over 800 meetings. As stated in Tradition Five, our primary purpose is to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. 


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